Art as a developer

Time for another “Ask Tobiah“:

How did you create the graphics and character designs for your first game? I know you are a developer. Did you do it by yourself? or find anyone for it? As a developer, it is a big challenge. I plan to use Unity.
-Tae Hwan Kim

Hey, just because I’m a “developer” doesn’t mean I am terrible at creating art!

I just happen, by pure coincidence, to be both a developer and terrible at art.

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Monetization strategies for Windows markets

After the last two “Ask Tobiah” questions were about multiplatform development, time to change things up a bit:

How are monetization strategies different for the Windows markets? Any tips or tricks for success?
-Matthew Fossati

As an Evangelist from Microsoft, I don’t have access to numbers or percentages. Even if I did, I would not be able to share them due to privacy agreements unless given explicit permission to do so. But, I can speak from my own personal experience. Continue reading

Multiplatform game frameworks

Welcome to part two of a new blog series I’ve started, “Ask Tobiah”!

You can read last Monday’s question about multiplatform development. In response to it, I got today’s question:

What are your feelings on the different frameworks for creating cross platform games (such as unity, xamarin etc)? Are they any good? What would make you choose one / not choose one?
-Matt Whetton

I love them! I’d highly encourage game developers to use frameworks.

It doesn’t make sense to me why you would want to reinvent the wheel and deal with all the time and hassle of building your own engine… Continue reading

When should you think about multiplatform?

I want to experiment with a new blog post series. People send me questions all the time, so instead of just responding to them via email, I will answer some here on my blog!

Sound fun? Let’s get into the first question:

Hey Tobiah. When you were developing your first app, did you target a specific platform? Or did you develop simultaneously for multiple platforms? Thanks for any advice!

-Scott Christian

Great question, Scott.

The short answer is yes, when making a new app I definitely keep all target platforms in mind. Continue reading

GameMaker Studio Standard now permanently free!

GameMaker StudioYoYoGames announced today that GameMaker Studio Standard, the first tier of their tool that normally runs $50, will now be free permanently.

Those who follow my blog will know that GameMaker Studio would go on sale, a lot. It’s great that they finally just removed the limited resource free version and made the Standard version available to every developer.

If you are just starting out, or a student learning how to make games, I would highly recommend downloading it. GameMaker can teach you how to code, how to create games, and now let you make anything you want.

They have not reduced the price of GameMaker Studio Pro. That remains $100. Still, never a bad thing to get more features in the free version.

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and download it for yourself!