Be Indie Now 39: George Hultgren Part 2

Be Indie Now 39

Be Indie Now 39:

George Hultgren Part 2

I had George back on the show in January to talk about his kickstarter campaign for “Wayward Terran Frontier“. He didn’t get funded, but that wasn’t the end of the game. George tells us what he has been up to, how the game has changed, the details of his upcoming relaunch on kickstarter.

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“Freemium isn’t Free”

The latest episode of South Park is all about freemium games.

I am a big fan of South Park in general, but this episode had me laughing non-stop. I believe this is now my new favorite episode of South Park.

I would highly recommend you watch it, especially if you are a game developer. Not only is it funny parody, but it’s a great commentary on the state of the industry.

Content Warning: South Park is known for bad language and highly offensive humor, viewer discretion is advised.

Click here to watch on South Park’s website.

It’s worth noting that not every freemium game is the neo-gambling style that the show is talking about.

I am most interested in hearing Trey and Matt’s commentary on this episode. Like some other episodes they’ve done in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if this episode is very referential to some conversations that might be going on behind closed doors in South Park Studios.


Ten GDCs

I have been to ten Game Developer Conferences, or “GDCs”

For ten GDCs, I have been able to meet and socialize with friends and acquaintances alike bonding over our shared passions.

For ten GDCs, I have made new friendships that have changed the course of my life and career.

For ten GDCs, I have learned from the knowledge and experience of others.

For ten GDCs, I have left so inspired and enthusiastic over my craft that can barely contain my excitement.

Tomorrow is my eleventh GDC, and it is special.

Tomorrow, for the first time, I hope to be the one that teaches and inspires.

I have been to ten GDCs, the eleventh is special.


CoronaCards for Windows Phone 8 now available!

Corona Labs Logo, creators of CoronaCardsAs you may know, I am a big fan of Lua and Corona. As of this Tuesday, CoronaCards now supports Windows Phone 8!

I look forward to seeing a lot more Lua/Corona based apps on the Windows Phone store!

What is Corona and CoronaCards?

Corona is a Lua based game engine to make games for iOS and Android. They are coming out with a new product, CoronaCards, that enables developers to run Corona code everywhere. In native iOS and Android apps, in other engines like Unity and Appcelerator, and now within a Windows Phone 8 Silverlight project. Continue reading

Should freemium games factor in Purchasing Power Parity?

One of the biggest strengths with the games industry today is how global it is. People download and play games from all over the work. Developers who realize this already make sure their games are localized for other languages. This leads to more players, more engagement/viral growth, and ultimately more revenue.

However, but I seldom hear about game developers customizing the price of their games on a per currency basis.

That’s where Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) comes in. Continue reading