Be Indie Now 46: Jeff Meador

Be Indie Now 46

Be Indie Now 46:

Jeff Meador

Jeff Meador has had a lot of experience in the indie game industry, starting professionally back in 1996 making web based games. Now, he runs So Much Drama Studios, which makes games based on major IPs like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Mean Girls as well as their own original content. Jeff’s games stand out in the crowded mobile markets and I think listeners can learn a lot form his story.

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Be Indie Now 45: Zachary Snader

Be Indie Now 45

Be Indie Now 45:

Zachary Snader

This week we bring in somebody from the indie publishing business. With the growing industry, there is a lot more room for smaller publishers to help out indie developers with parts of the business they aren’t as equipped to handle. Zachary shares the story of his company and what his goals are.

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GDC 2015 Day Five

Today is Friday, and we’ve reached the last day GDC 2015. As always, it’s been a wonderful time. I’m on the CalTrain now heading back home now, so time for my summary of my last day.

Friday, GDC 2015 Day Five

I spent most of my time in the expo. I wanted to have a chance to talk to a few of the exhibitors.

Sadly, the Stanly Parable talk I wanted to go to was full, so I went off to play some board games instead. In the west hall on the third floor they had an area with some board games being shown off, one of which was “One Night Werewolf”

“One Night Werewolf” is just like a normal game of Werewolf, only it lasts one night. It’s really that simple, and I can’t believe how well it works. There is a lot of bluffing, role switching (so you aren’t 100% sure who you are), and the game is timed to last exactly 5 minutes. I plan to get a copy for myself right away!

Then I went to my last session of GDC 2015, the Experimental Gameplay Workshop. There a bunch of game developers took turns showing off their incredible games. Some were educational, some made you get up and move around, some told amazing personal stories, and some were just plain weird.

I feel like I couldn’t do them all justice to try to describe them. Watching Ryan describe “That Dragon, Cancer” brought me to tears. Now that I have my own daughter on the way, I don’t know how I am going to handle going through that game.

Here is a list of the people who presented, you should check out their work for yourself at your own pace, they’re amazing:

Robin Hunicke  |  CEO, Funomena
Kevin Regamey  |  Creative Director, Power Up Audio
Chris Walker  |  Independent, Sine Rider
Nicky Case  |  Independent, Parable of the Polygons
Vi Hart  |  Independent, Parable of the Polygons
Austin Wintory  |  Composer, Independent
Ryan Green  |  Co-Creater, Numinous Games
Josh Larson  |  Co-Creator, Numinous Games
Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis  |  Game Designer, Synonymy
Chaim Gingold  |  Independent, levitylab
Marc Flury  |  Co-Founder, Drool
Brian Gibson  |  Co-Founder, Drool
Jonas Maaloe  |  Game Designer & Producer, Glitchnap
Goksu Ugur  |  Independent, Maze of Heart
Jimin Song  |  Independent, Maze of Heart
Halay Young  |  Independent, Maze of Heart
Ivan Safrin  |  Game Designer, Independent
Thu Tran  |  Game Designer, Independent
Yuting Su  |  Independent, Curiouser and Curiouser!
Martzi Campos  |  Independent, Curiouser and Curiouser!
Alexander Krasij  |  Programmer/Minimalist,
Robin Baumgarten  |  Indie Dev & Tinkerer, Independent
Robin Arnott  |  Creator, SoundSelf
Eddie Lee  |  Programmer/Designer, Funktronic Labs
Erin Houston  |  N/A, Funktronic Labs
Justin Sabo  |  Co-Founder, Digital Dreams

Final Summary

I don’t go to as many sessions as I have in earlier years, now that I have access to the vault. I’ve prioritized meeting and talking with other developers. I still got to see a few though! Funny enough, my favorite this year was the very first one I saw: “Scroll Back: The Theory and Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollers”. Such a great history of cameras in 2d games.

I am looking forward to getting the feedback from my talk. I hope everybody there liked it! I’ll let you all know when you can get it on the vault.

2014 was one of the best years of my life, but also the absolute most busiest. I released fewer games than at any other point in my adult life. GDC has motivated me to be better at fixing that.

Thank you again to all the wonderful people I’ve met or reconnected with this year. Feel free to contact me anytime if you ever have a question, or if there is anything I can do to help you out.

See you all at GDC 2016!


Be Indie Now 44: Chris Zukowski

Be Indie Now 44

Be Indie Now 44:

Chris Zukowski

While I was visiting Phoenix, I meet up with Chris from Floor 27 Industries. Their game Wizard Golf RPG mashes up golf gameplay with dungeon exploration.

This episode was recorded with my mobile setup in a hotel room, so I apologize if there is any quality issues.

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Windows 10 will be the platform for gaming

I was at PAX South over the last week, so I have not yet had the time to write about all the exciting announcements from Microsoft.

What was announced?

In case you missed it, on January 21st Microsoft made a bunch of announcements on Windows 10. To watch the video for yourself, go here:

I am really excited about Windows 10 in general. That said, the announcements about Xbox One and the HoloLens are the most exciting for me. Continue reading